Inspections for the day of: Tuesday, February 12, 2019.
Number of inspections: 11
Percentage of inspections complete: 100 %
Percentage of inspections not complete: 0 %
InspectorAndy J. Long
Phone #794-8996
Permit NumberDescriptionReceivedRequestedCompletedAM/PMDisposition 
ESC17-01517 Aging Inspection2/12/20192/12/20192/13/2019 11:51:37 AM CANC
ESC16-01278 General Inspection2/12/20192/12/20192/13/2019 11:51:15 AM CANC
ESC17-01346 General Inspection2/12/20192/12/20192/12/2019 4:13:43 PM PASS
No trackout or discharges. Staging area and project area is clean with no loose trash or debris. Storm drains have sediment protection. Vertical construction in progress.
ESC18-01167 Site Preparation2/12/20192/12/20192/12/2019 4:05:56 PMPPASS
Site meeting with RP Sid and superintendent Dan with Layton Construction.

BMPs installed:
- receiving storm drains have been installed with sediment bags
- dual heavy duty construction entrances and preservation of former alley surface to prevent trackout.
- sweeper unit on site.

BMPs not yet installed/implemented:
- designated concrete washout containment facility
- City of Boise ESC permit sign for project and CGP 2017 permit signage.
- determine site inspection schedule per SWPPP and designate responsiblility

No trackout or discharges observed.

Email with information sent to project stormwater team.
ESC18-00946 General Inspection2/12/20192/12/20192/12/2019 3:45:40 PMPPEND
check on SWO corrections and progress.

RP-GC has gathered BMPs during the wintery/frozen conditions over the last week and contracted Gator Guard to complete the installation.

SWO compliance date extended. RP has cleaned out mud behind bottom wattles and is monitoring site for thawing. Corrections in progress, compliance date extended.
ESC19-00041 General Inspection2/12/20192/12/20192/12/2019 3:43:53 PMPPEND
ECB installed at Americana repair site is not the final stabilization product, but was installed to cover the disturbed area during the rain. Jute mating will be used and per Carlo manufacturer installation details will be followed.

WIP. No violations at the Americana site.
ESC18-01167 Site Preparation2/12/20192/12/20192/12/2019 3:41:41 PMPCANC
ESC18-01375 General Inspection2/12/20192/12/20192/12/2019 2:42:39 PMPFAIL
Corrections needed:

- street sweeper needs to sweep Dawn Pl.
- concrete washout installed is now dried out but the wall on one is broken. Request to build new washout.

Note: re-inspection fees waived, warning and notification provided that any further mismanaged/dumped concrete washout will incur a violation fee.
ESC17-01196 General Inspection2/12/20192/12/20192/12/2019 2:27:07 PM PASS
Culdesac free of trackout. Silt fence at bottom of property has been replaced by rock retaining wall. No significant slope erosion observed. Slope is not yet stabilized.and may require temporary controls. NO corrections requested at this time.
ESC18-01444 Site Preparation2/8/20192/12/20192/12/2019 2:20:37 PMPFAIL
1 PM Tim RP

*note - project already started. Reviewed site prep requirement with RP. RP states BMPs are installed.

Corrections needed:

- install construction entrance.
- sweep dirt and mud in aprons and gutter
- pick up loose trash and provide trash container
- post ESC permit sign and SWPPP information.
ESC18-00114 Aging Inspection2/12/20192/12/20192/12/2019 8:08:52 AM FAIL
Temporary sediment bags installed for project have not been removed after stabilization.

Work appears complete. BLD permit is not finaled.

Winter conditions, will follow up when not frozen. No discharges or sediment leaving property