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Permit NumberBLD18-04004
Site Address 350 N 9TH ST Unit: 100
Project NameJefferson Place Water Bear TI
Customer NumberBLD18-04317 DEMO
(JEFFERSON PLACE) (WATER BEAR RESTAURANT TI) (SUITE 100) Permit for a 2,300 SF major tenant improvement for a new restaurant in Suite 100 of the existing 5-story Jefferson Place Building. Work to include: demolition of existing interior, non-structural partition walls and soffit; upgrading existing structural frame to 1-hour fire resistance rated construction; installation of new interior non-bearing partition walls; new ceiling and lighting; electrical; plumbing work for restrooms, kitchen, and bar; new mechanical ERV unit and ductwork; and interior finishes in compliance with Ch. 8 of the 2015 IBC. An alternate request was approved under BLD15-00476 for construction type change from IIIA to IIIB and requires protection of the primary structural frame with a 1-hour fire resistance rating in this tenant space. Pre-construction conference with building inspector required prior to coverage to verify rated construction. This building is fully Fire Sprinklered for additional story increase with an approved Fire Alarm system. Any alterations or modifications to the buildings Fire Sprinkler or Fire Alarm system WILL REQUIRE A SEPARATE PERMIT and shall be installed per NFPA 13 & NFPA 72 as regulated by the Boise Fire Department. **JAR**
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