Information based on query as of Thursday, August 13, 2020.
Permit NumberCAR20-00002
Name Scott McCormack
Site Address 8306 W STATE ST
Project Name 
Customer Number 
X-REF: PUD20-00004. Construct a compact and efficient high-density 85-unit apartment flat complex in 4 separate buildings as a PUD (application submitted and will process simultaneously). Request rezone from the current R-1A to R-3D Zone, the same as the adjacent Retreat at Silver Cloud Apartments to the north. The request is consistent with Blueprint Boise Comprehensive Plan Northwest Planning Area: Land Use Map designation of mixed-use and 319 feet north of the State Street (Hwy 44) Corridor, the major transportation corridor in the Northwest Planning Area supporting Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects.
NameNicolette Womack
Phone #608-7090
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