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Permit NumberCUP14-00015
Name Jennifer Wheeler
Site Address 1173 W UNIVERSITY DR
Project Name 
Customer Number 
Modification of the previous application with new building and site design. New Alumni Center building, plaza and parking lot.
NameDavid Moser
Phone #608-7087
AG_ACHD COMMENTS 5/22/2014ACHD Comments
AG_FORESTRY COMMENTS 5/9/2014Forestry Comments
AG_PUBLIC SCHOOL COMMENTS 5/9/2014Public School comments
AG_PUBLIC WORKS DRAINAGE 5/1/2014Public Works Drainage Comments
AG_PUBLIC WORKS PRETREATMENT 5/1/2014Public Works pretreatment Comments
AG_PUBLIC WORKS SOLID WASTE 5/1/2014Public Works Solid waste Comments
AG_PUBLIC WORKS STREET LIGHTS 5/1/2014Public Works Street Lights
APPLICATION_04152014 4/15/2014APPLICATION 04152014
DOC_AFFIDAVIT OF LEGAL INTEREST 5/1/2014affidavit of legal interest
DOC_APPLICATION 5/1/2014Application
DOC_LEGAL NOTICE PZC 5/13/2014Planning & zoning commission legal notice pdf
DOC_LETTER OF EXPLANATION 5/1/2014letter of Explanation
DOC_NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING DOCS 5/1/2014Neighborhood Meeting Docs
DOC_SENA LETTER 6/2/2014SENA letter
DOC_SITE LIGHTING SHEETS 5/1/2014Site Lighting Sheets
DOC_SITE PHOTOS 5/1/2014Site Photos
DWG_1ST FLOOR PLAN 5/1/20141st Floor Plan
DWG_2ND FLOOR PLAN 5/1/20142nd Floor Plan
DWG_3RD FLOOR PLAN 5/1/20143rd Floor Plan
DWG_4TH FLOOR PLAN 5/1/20144th Floor Plan
DWG_BLDG ELEVATIONS A 5/1/2014Bldgs Elevation A
DWG_BLDG ELEVATIONS B 5/1/2014Bldg Elevations B
DWG_LANDSCAPE PLAN 5/1/2014Landscape Plan
DWG_SITE ELECTRICAL PLAN 5/1/2014Site Electrical plan
DWG_SITE PLAN 5/1/2014Site Plan
MAP_AERIAL MAP 5/13/2014Aerial map pdf
MAP_RADIUS MAP 5/13/2014Noticing radius map pdf
MAP_VIC MAP 5/13/2014Vicinity map pdf
PZ_ACTION LETTER FOR JUNE 2 2014 6/5/2014PZ_action letter for June 2, 2014 PDF
PZ_MEMO JUNE 2, 2014 6/2/2014P&Z Memo June 2, 2014
PZ_MINUTES FOR 6-2-2014 7/2/2014PZ minutes for 6-2-2014PDF
PZ_NOTI LETTER_JUNE 2, 2014_CUP14-15_PDF 5/2/2014Notification of the June 2, 2014 hearing
PZ_PROJECT REPORT FOR THE JUNE 2, 2014 HEARING 5/23/2014PZ Project Report for the June 2, 2014 Hearing