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Permit NumberBLD18-01892
Site Address 8000 S FEDERAL WAY
Project NameB36 Cafeteria Remodel
Customer Number 
(MICRON B36 CAFETERIA) **(Project Management - Ron Hill)** Micron #36 - Project scope includes the renovation of the existing 2,000 sq ft servery, new coolers and freezer. Updated finishes in the existing 4,000 sq ft seating area will be consistent with other projects on campus. Exterior work will be limited to new roof equipment associated with kitchen and servery upgrades. This building is fully fire sprinklered for area and A-2 occupant load in excass of 100. The building area has been evaluated using the mixed separated use option with the area ratios totaling .97. The building is also fully alarmed. Any altertions to the sprinkler system willl require a separate permit and shall comply with NFPA 13 and 2 as regulated by the fire department. CDM
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