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Permit NumberBLD18-02063
Site Address 8000 S FEDERAL WAY
Project NameC29420 Voltage SAG Mitigation
Customer Number 
(MICRON SUBSTATION) The project is to provide a design for the preferred and alternate 12kV feeders from the Micron DRAM Substation to the Building 51 and 51X S&C ATSs as well as the installation of a Power Quality Industrial Voltage Restorer (PQ IVR) on each of the preferred feeders and any other 12kV feeder reconnections and demolition necessary to remove Building 51 from the Building 50 12kV feeders. Design will incorporate the installation of a transformer yard, switch gear, current reactors, harmonic filter, associated monitoring, alarming, network, phone, required duct banks, equipment pads and containment. Design for the area will require storm water considerations, approximately 4ft high retaining wall, and roadway access/modifications to provide truck access to the site. CDM
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