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Permit Number Search Help
For this example: BLD23-00001.
  • This is a building permit (or case number) created in the year 2023.
  • BLD is the case type representing a building permit.
  • 23 is the year it was created (for 2023).
  • 00001 section of the permit number means it is the first building permit created in 2023.

Some searches on this site allow for partial text searches. To view all building permits between 1 and 99 in the year 2023, enter BLD23-000. It will pull a list of permits between BLD23-00001 and BLD23-00099.

The list below is the available case types searchable on this site.

Available Permit Types

Permit TypeDescription
ACHAda County Highway District
BENBench Sewer District
BNDBond Permit
BLDBuilding Permit
PRKCity Impact Fees
CFHComprehensive Floodplain Hillside
CPAComprehensive Plan Amendment
CUPConditional Use
CONContractor's License
DRHDesign Review/Historic Application
ELEElectrical Permits
ESCErosion and Sediment Control
FIRFire Code Permit
GCAGarden City Abatement
GCBGarden City Building
GCCGarden City Conference/Meeting
GCEGarden City Electrical
GCMGarden City Mechanical
GCPGarden City Plumbing
GRDGrading Permit
MECMechanical Permit
MISMiscellaneous Permit
NAFNorth Ada Fire District
PUDPlanned Unit Development
PLMPlumbing Permits
PWKPublic Works
ROSRecord of Survey
SWRSewer Permit
CSNSign/Sign Exception
CAAStaff Level Permits
SOSSubdivision Other Stuff
CVAVariance Application
CZCZoning Certificate
ZOAZoning Ordinance Amendment