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Permit NumberCUP11-00103
Site Address 916 E PARK BLVD
Project Name916 E PARK BL
Customer Number 
Conditional use permit for a 4-story mixed use building to include 68 residential units, 5 live work units and 5,250 square feet of retail space. A height exception, parking reduction, and variances from the front and street side setback are included in this request.
NameJoshua Johnson
Phone #395-7857
AG_ACHD COMMENTS 1-30-12 PDF 1/30/2012ACHD Comments 1-30-12 pdf
AG_FIRE;CUP11-00103 1/6/2012Fire Review
AG_FORRESTRY COMMENTS 1-27-12 PDF 1/30/2012Forrestry Comments 1-27-12 pdf
AG_PW COMMENTS 1-06-12 1/17/2012PW Comments 1-06-12
AG_SCHOOLS COMMENT 1-12-12 PDF 1/19/2012AG Schools Comment 1-12-12 pdf
CUP11-00103 SW 12/30/2011Solid Waste Review
DOC_APPLICATION 12-28-11 PDF 1/9/2012Application 12-28-11 pdf
DOC_EAST END LETTER 1-25-12 PDF 2/6/2012East End Letter 1-25-12 pdf
DOC_LETTER OF INTENT 12-28-11 PDF 1/9/2012Letter of Intent 122-28-11 pdf
DOC_POSTING 1-6-12 PDF 1/26/2012Posting 1-6-12 pdf
DWG_ELEVATIONS 12-28-11 PDF 1/9/2012Elevations 12-28-11 pdf
DWG_FLOOR PLAN 12-28-11 PDF 1/9/2012Floor Plan 12-28-11 pdf
DWG_SITE PLAN 12-28-11 PDF 1/9/2012Site Plan 12-28-11 pdf
MAP_AERIAL PDF 1/13/2012Aerial Map pdf
MAP_VIC MAP PDF 1/13/2012Vicinity Map pdf
PZ-CUP11-00103 1/30/2012Staff's packet for 2-6-12 P&Z hearing
PZ_ACT LTR_CUP11-103 & CVA11-56 2/8/2012P&Z action letter from 2-6-12 hearing in pdf
PZ_MINUTES FOR 2-6-2012 3/16/2012PZ minutes for 2-6-2012pdf
PZ_NOTI LTR_CUP11-103 & CVA11-56 1/4/2012PZ notification letter for 2-6-12 hearing in pdf
TRS_TRANSMITTAL CUP11-00103 12/28/2011Transmittal Documents 12-28-11 pdf