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Permit NumberFIR14-00638
Site Address 1004 W ROYAL BLVD
Project NameRivers Edge Apartments
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New 6"x26' C-900 pipe, fittings and thrust blocks.

RIVER EDGE APARTMENTS - WEST WING) (x-ref expired permit BLD12-00320) The west wing consists of four floors of 29,546 sq. ft. each, a total area of 118,184 sq. ft. with (84) dwelling units [(16)-2-BR apartments (4 per floor) and (68) - 4BR apartments (17 per floor)]. All 2-BR units exceed 800 Sq. ft. in area and all 4-BR units exceed 1,100 sq. ft. in area. The east and west wings of the residential floors are divided by a 2-hour fire wall / horizontal exit assembly, extending from the top of 3-hour concrete floor to the underside of the roof deck sheathing, with fire retardant plywood deck extending 4 feet on each side of fire wall in place of a parapet. The dwelling units are separated from the parking area on the 1st level by a 3-hour fire-resistive horizontal floor/ceiling assembly. This allows the parking garage and the residential units above to each be considered as a separate building for code compliance. The installation of an NFPA 13 fire sprinkler system is required throughout this building and is used for allowable area increase and for an additional story. All construction shall be per the approved plans, red-lined notes and all attached plan reviewer's comments / conditions reports. drs DRH12-00013, CUP11-00090, CFH11-00036
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