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Permit NumberCUP16-00088
Name Tom Ahlquist
Site Address 101 S CAPITOL BLVD
Project Name 
Customer Number 
Conditional Use application for a daycare within an existing office building.
NameBrent Moore
Phone #608-7086
AG_ACHD 12/19/2016ACHD Response
AG_FIRE 12/29/2016Fire Response
AG_FORESTRY 11/30/2016Forestry Response
AG_ITD 12/28/2016ITD Response
AG_POLICE 11/30/2016Police Response
AG_PRE-TREATMENT 12/28/2016Pre-Treatment Response
AG_SEWER 11/30/2016Sewer Response
AG_STREET LIGHTS 11/30/2016Street Lights Response
DOC_APPLICATION 11/30/2016Application
DOC_LETTER OF EXPLANATION 11/30/2016Letter of Explanation
DOC_LETTER OF EXPLANATION UPDATED 12/19/2016Updated Letter of Explanation
DOC_NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING 11/30/2016Neighborhood Meeting
DOC_PRE-APP 11/30/2016Pre-Application Meeting
DOC_RADIUS NOTICE 12/9/2016Radius Notice
DOC_SITE IMAGES 11/30/2016Site Images
DOC_SITE POSTING 12/21/2016Site Posting
DWG_FLOOR PLAN 11/30/2016Floor Plan
DWG_PERSPECTIVE 11/30/2016Perspective
DWG_SITE PLAN 11/30/2016Site Plan
MAP_AERIAL MAP 12/9/2016Aerial Map
MAP_RADIUS MAP 12/9/2016Radius Map
MAP_VICINITY MAP 12/9/2016Vicinity Map
PZ_ACTION LTR_JANUARY 9, 2017_CUP16-00088_PDF 1/11/2017Action Letter for the January 9, 2017 Hearing
PZ_NOTI LETTER_JANUARY 9, 2017_CUP16-00088_PDF 12/1/2016Notification Letter for the January 9, 2017 Hearing
PZ_PROJECT REPORT_JANUARY 9, 2017_CUP16-00088_PDF 12/29/2016Project Report for the January 9, 2017 Hearing